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HOA Board of Directors

Contact the Board: Put in a “HOA Request” on our website.

To ensure a fair process for all homeowners, board members cannot respond individually to homeowners. All HOA requests submitted will be responded to by the professional Administrative Assistant Team.

HOA Board service terms are three years each. Election years consist of either two or three board members being elected for the three year terms, depending on what board position terms are nearing their conclusion. If a board member leaves their service term before its conclusion, the board may appoint a homeowner to serve out the remainder of that term.

  • President – Vacant
  • Vice-President: Vacant (Service Term: 1/1/2023-1/1/2026)
  • Acting Treasurer: Valerie Grim (Service Term: 1/1/2023-1/1/2026)
  • Secretary – Lisa Meuser (Service Term: 1/1/2022-1/1/2025)
  • At-Large – Cathy Brown (Service Term: 1/1/2022 – 1/1/2025)
  • At-Large – Jeanette Clausen (Service Term: 1/1/2022-1/1/2025)

Property Management

Jamar Property Management is our property manager

120 W 7th St Suite 204 Street Bloomington, IN 47404

Jamar Property Management is our current property manager.

After putting in an HOA request on our website, residents should wait for an emailed HOA request system response from the professional admin assistant team on all matters. The Property Manager Jamar gets all the online HOA requests from the website and addresses them within a reasonable amount of time due to the type of request and severity of the need. Often times Jamar doesn’t need to contact homeowners directly for applicable repair items, as external issues can be repaired independently.

If you have any difficulties putting in your HOA request on the website, please call Jamar Property Management for assistance at:
Phone: 812-330-8655

Financial Management

Residents should mail their HOA fees and insurance payments to (or pay them online):

The Woodlands Winding Brook HOA
P.O. Box 2316
Bloomington, IN 47402

Stephen Miller CPA with Laurie Miller are the Woodlands financial managers. Residents should put in an HOA request on the website if they have payment questions or any other questions for the financial manager.