Get Involved

We encourage all homeowners to actively participate in the upkeep and governance of our community. Below you will find important forms that help us maintain the quality of life in The Woodlands and ensure everyone’s voices are heard.

Board Elections

Candidate Nomination Form HOA Board 📋

Purpose: To nominate candidates for open board positions to be elected in each year that there are applicable board seats open.

Details: If you or someone you know is interested in serving on the HOA board, please fill out this form by September 1. Candidates must agree to serve if elected and the form must be submitted by the deadline to be on the ballot.

Seasonal Surveys

Homeowner Feedback Survey 🏠

Purpose: To gather feedback from homeowners on neighborhood matters to inform board meetings, town halls, and committee work.

Details: This quarterly survey aims to record and share homeowners’ opinions confidentially, generate ideas, and help address community challenges. Your responses are valuable and will remain confidential.

Spring Mulching Preference Survey 🌱

Purpose: To allow homeowners to opt out of the HOA-provided mulching service in the front of their units and certain common areas for the current year.

Details: If you prefer not to have mulch spread by our landscapers, please submit this survey by March 1. Note that if you opt out, you are responsible for sourcing and applying your own mulch.

Fall Chimney Inspection Survey 🧱

Purpose: To schedule your annual chimney inspection required by our external insurance policy.

Details: Inspections will be conducted by Julie Todd Cleaning LLC from October 1 to October 5 during standard business hours. Choose your preferred inspection day to ensure chimney safety and compliance.

Technical Assistance

If you need assistance with any of these forms or have any questions, please contact our property manager, Ashley at Jamar Property Management, at (812) 330-8655. Ashley is available to help over the phone or can fill out the form on your behalf with your verbal consent.