HOA Requests

Communication with The Woodlands HOA: Use this form for all HOA communications, including:

  1. Maintenance or financial requests
  2. General inquiries or meeting requests
  3. Document requests
  4. Other related items

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Form Usage: Use this form for all board communications for efficient tracking. We no longer take requests via email. If you have any trouble completing this online form, please call Jamar Property Management (812-330-8655) during business hours and they can help you with your request and/or submit the request on your behalf.
  2. Single Requests: Submit one item per form. For multiple items, fill out separate forms.
  3. Attachments: Upload images/documents directly into this form (so you will no longer have to email them separately to The Woodlands). 
  4. Response Time: Requests are prioritized by severity and addressed in a timely manner.