Trash and recycling pick-up


Woodlands policy on Trash/Recycling pickup


Trash is picked up twice per week. Trash must be placed in a tightly closed plastic trash bag and deposited in the large metal trash dumpsters.

Recyclables – Recyclables should be deposited in the plastic bins. There is no need to sort different types of paper, cardboard and plastics (# 1-7). Cardboard cartons must be flattened. For a full list of allowed items: Recycling Guidelines – DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

Monroe County Recycling Center, 3400 S. Walnut, open Tuesday – Saturday, 7:30am – 5:30pm.
Hazardous materials (paint, batteries, etc.) must not be deposited in the dumpsters! They may be dropped off at 3400 S. Walnut. For more information, see

LARGE ITEMS (appliances, mattresses, furniture, etc.) are not allowed to be placed in or beside the dumpsters. Homeowners and tenants should make arrangements to have such items hauled away. Re-Store (812 331 2660) will pick up usable items free of change. For their policy on what they can accept, and an online form to schedule pickup, see Other waste removal services will pick up mattresses and other large items for a modest fee.

Questions? Contact Tempo Properties ( ) Thanks!