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  • HOA governing documents

    HOA governing documents

    Woodlands HOA Covenants By-Laws Rules and Regulations Woodlands Owner vs HOA responsibilities revised

  • Rules & Regs Updates

    Rules & Regs Updates

    The Rules & Regulations provide guidance on issues that affect our community that are not specifically covered in the Covenants or Bylaws. The Board is empowered to create and amend these Rules periodically as needed.  (See the current Rules & Regs on the Governing Documents page.)

  • Google Drive Documents

    Google Drive Documents


  • Trash and recycling pick-up

    Trash and recycling pick-up

      Woodlands policy on Trash/Recycling pickup   Trash is picked up twice per week. Trash must be placed in a tightly closed plastic trash bag and deposited in the large metal trash dumpsters. Recyclables – Recyclables should be deposited in the plastic bins. There is no need to sort different types of paper, cardboard and…

  • Cold weather guidelines

    Cold weather guidelines

    Cold Weather Guidelines – DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

  • Reminder: Charcoal grill policy

    Reminder: Charcoal grill policy

    Our insurance company requires Woodlands residents to follow a policy on the use of CHARCOAL grills that conforms to International Fire Code as follows: Charcoal grills shall not be operated on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction. This will preclude the use of charcoal grills on decks and anywhere within 10 feet of any…